Private Client Information

Getting started 

    • The process begins by you phoning our office or submitting a referral via fax or email to WCPS. Our receptionist will connect with you to arrange a free consult phone call with a staff member.
    • The consult call will include a discussion of your personal situation, a description of our assessment process, available dates, estimated cost, etc.
    • If you decide to have an assessment, you will be asked to call our receptionist to schedule an intake appointment.
    • You will be asked to bring any useful information (for example – resume, previous assessments, health records, educational records).

All of our locations are wheelchair accessible and we accommodate ESL concerns, hearing and visual impairments.

Please note: Due to an unprecedented number of referrals, our waitlists are full. This is especially the case for LD, ADHD, and ASD assessment referrals. As a result, we are unable to offer consult calls to all new referrals at this time.

However, we will continue to reply to all inquiries and offer consult calls when we are able.