About Us


Our History

In 1999, Dr. Joseph Klancnik founded West Coast Psychological Services (WCPS), where dedicated psychologists and related professionals could combine their knowledge to have a positive impact on people’s lives. Having a team of Registered Psychologists with varied skills working together allows WCPS to accommodate a wide range of clients (from children to seniors) and provide a variety of assessment services, thereby meeting the needs of many different types of referral sources.

Psychologists working at WCPS appreciate the availability of peer support and ongoing development that this style of practice provides. As part of the Quality of Service procedures, every report is reviewed by the director or other designated supervising Registered Psychologist prior to it being released.

WCPS started with one office in Vancouver, but over the years it expanded to include satellite offices in Courtenay and Kelowna. To serve clients who have difficulty travelling to our offices, we frequently travel to sites throughout Northern BC; the Cariboo; the Okanagan; South, Mid- and North Vancouver Island; the Sunshine Coast; and the Sea to Sky Corridor. We look forward to adding to our list of locations.

Our Philosophy

WCPS believes everyone has their own unique combination of strengths and challenges, and that when those characteristics are identified, appropriate steps can be taken to support skills and manage vulnerabilities.

Our Mission

The mission of West Coast Psychological Services is to conduct thorough psychological assessments in a timely, respectful and supportive manner in order to provide our clients with accurate conclusions and meaningful recommendations.