Psychological Assessments

Psychological Diagnostics AssessmentsHaving an accurate diagnosis is not just a label; it can guide treatment, planning, and help in developing accommodations and strategies that work best for an individual.

Many people have difficulties in work, school, or relationships. When there is an undiagnosed condition present, resolving these difficulties is much more challenging. Often we have seen individuals whose difficulties have been largely due to undiagnosed anxiety, depression, PTSD, personality issues, or any one of a large number of other conditions.   Our referrals often come from therapists who feel an assessment may clarify issues for their clients.

Our diagnostic assessments usually include a detailed clinical interview with a Registered Psychologist, followed by two or three hours of paper-and-pencil testing. Our reports are thorough, and provide recommendations individualized for the client.   A feedback meeting is provided to discuss the results with the client.